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Garima Gupta

Garimā (गरिमा) refers to “transforming the body into a heavier body” and represents one of the eleven types of extraordinary form-changing (vikriyā), which itself is a subclass of the eight ṛiddhis (extraordinary powers). These powers can be obtained by the Ārya (civilized people) in order to produce worldly miracles. In English, the word ‘Garima’ means dignity.

Family Background

Garima belongs to an illustrious family of academicians. Daughter of Dr. R.C. Gupta and Dr. Veena Gupta, she has been raised in an academic environment at home. While her parents have served in University of Delhi for more than three decades, her sister is a senior faculty in a College under University of Delhi. Thus, the idea of becoming a part of the teaching fraternity and serving the University was rooted in her from the very childhood stage.