Welcome to Dr. Garima Gupta

Social Outreach

  • Garima is actively engaged in various social initiatives and outreach activities in her personal capacity as well as in the capacity of an executive member of her family trust. Some of the activities where she is actively involved include :-
  • (1) Hind Kushth Niwaran Sangh - As an active member of this organization, Garima is involved in the Leprosy Eradication and Rehabilitation drive. The delegation from this organization presents the Leprosy seal to the President of India on 30th January every year.
  • (2) Mahavir International - She is a life-time member of this organization and work in various social endevours through them
  • (3) Blind Welfare - A prominent activity of her family trust (R.C.S.D Dharmarth Trust) is Blind Welfare in which around 300 blind people from all over Delhi gather on second Sunday of every month. They are served breakfast and kind items of their use. The activity is been carried out successfully for last 7 years without any fail
  • (4) Individual Contributions - Garima is involved with various welfare organizations and NGOs and provides regular monetary help to those in need of books, cataract surgery, school fee etc.